The Word “Toula”

Toula is a proper name in the Greek language. From what I understand it can also be added at the end of Greek names as a term of endearment.

The word Toula means “light” or “divine light”.

I believe we all have this internal wisdom, intuition, gut feeling or we can call it a “light” guiding us, like an arrow, pointing us in the right direction.

This light can sometimes get dimmed by circumstances of life.

We can get confused when fears, doubts, and negative thoughts start creeping into our minds.

Our light becomes harder to see.

This can lead us down the wrong path and cause us to make poor decisions.

It helps to dust off our light, re-connect with it, and then follow it again.

When we are balanced and feel connected we make better choices.

Doing yoga has helped me with this.

Doing yoga has definitely brightened my “light”and life.

That’s why the name Toula is perfect for this new studio. It is a place where you can find the balance and brightness for your life, mind, body and spirit – one yoga pose at a time.