We know how enriching it is taking a step out into the world at large and the world of your inner self. Anticipating and preparing for the journey plants the seeds of appreciation and we want to grow that gratitude tree all year long.
This year we are introducing our Plan for Paradise payment option. We hope to bring paradise closer to you all year long. This not only makes the retreat more affordable, but spreads the excitement of this profound experience over the whole year leading up to stepping on that plane.

How It Works

Set up interest-free monthly installments to be paid over 10 months from March- December, 2019. ***

Early Bird Rate - Ends March 1, 2019

Participants need only pay first installment to be eligible for the early bird rate. Click link below to start planning for paradise!

Option 1- single room | $190/month x 10 months [total $1,900]
Option 2- 2pax shared room (must secure your own roommate) | $320/month x 10 months [total $3200 or $1600/ea person]

*** First 3 installments are non-refundable. This keeps costs down by securing better rates for hotels by booking in advance.***


What's Included

•5 nights at one of Tulum's top rated hotels conveniently located walking distance to amenities (supermarket, restaurants, etc.)
•Daily breakfast on site
•Daily group dinners at Tulum's local hidden gems
•Day-long yoga immersion
•Daily sunrise yoga
•Daily shuttle to/from the beach
•Bike rental
•Transportation and entrance fees to the ancient Tulum Ruins
•A very special immersive Mexican cooking class with Lily, a Oaxana native

Personal Expenses

•transport between the airport and hotel
•service tips
•optional excursions (free-diving, scuba diving, stand-up paddle board yoga, etc.)

About Elucidate 2020

This retreat aims to integrate movement with stillness, interaction with introspection, playfulness with sincerity. Tulum, Mexico is nothing short of a slice of heaven on earth. The life there is palpable.
There is the indescribable beauty of the white sand so fine it more closely resembles powder. In addition, there is something visceral about being in place where one of the world's first civilizations began.

What Makes Elucidate Special

This is our FIFTH annual trip! Every year we become more intimately involved with Tulum. It is a place that is rapidly changing and our experience evolves with it. Our intention for this retreat is for you to experience Tulum as well. There are beautiful beaches all over the world. There are great teachers all over the world. There is amazing cuisine all over the world. Elucidate is different. We bring together the elements of world-class yoga instruction at a fully equipped studio, on the ground, local insight in navigating logistics, the rich Mayan history still being uncovered and meant to be felt with all five senses, and a foodie's passion for flavors hidden off the beaten track. We love Tulum and we want you to know what we know, to taste what we taste, to love what we love.
Why do we travel if to retreat into the comfort of doing what we've always done? This "retreat" is an exploration of what is beyond our comfort zones: physically, mentally, spiritually, geographically, culturally, socio-economically and gastronomically. There are plenty of opportunities to take in the splendor of the Mayan Riviera visiting its' various white sand beaches. Dinner will be another opportunity to explore local cuisine and support local businesses rather than opting for an all-inclusive nondescript menu. Participants will partake in a cooking class at a real Mexican home. Over six days, we will play, pose, sweat, serve, celebrate, experience and elucidate.
We hope you can join us for this refreshing retreat! You will come home relaxed, renewed and evolved! In order to keep this retreat intimate we will limit the number of participants to 10, so please secure your spot with your first installment by March 1, 2019. (Retreat to be paid in full by December 1, 2019.

Payment plans available. We hope the monthly installments bring you closer to paradise. Only first installment required to secure the early bird rate (by Mar 1, 2019.)

Payment plans may be paid via card online (link below), or cash/checks to:
Toula Yoga
2720 1st Ave. NE Suite 108
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402