Class Descriptions

Gentle Hatha

Gentle Hatha offers the benefits of traditional yoga while learning proper techniques for breath, body alignment, muscle strength, balance and endurance. This class will focus on teaching you how to recognize your capabilities and honor your body's limitations. You will learn how to tailor your practice through use of adaptive alternatives for traditional poses, manual techniques and restorative methods.

Hatha 1

Enjoy a slow and refreshing class that introduces you to yoga poses/asanas. You will have the opportunity to explore each pose given, to hold and breathe to find the proper alignment to avoid any injuries. This class will build with you what you have learned each week, while introducing new poses or meditations. Whether you are new to yoga or wanting to get back to the foundation of your yoga practice, this class is for you.

Hatha 2

Balance your mind and body while incorporating more challenging postures. Plenty of time to enjoy the asanas but also generous mindful mediation during svasana.

Vinyasa 1

A breath centered, foundation-building yoga practice to restore balance to your mind and body.

Vinyasa 2

This breath centered practice strengthens, increases flexibility and detoxifies your entire body and mind as you seamlessly move through challenging postures. Come ready to build heat from the inside out!

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair or standing using the support of a chair. This class teaches the basic yoga movements or asanas, and breath work, while helping to develop the mind body connection. It is a great practice for everyone, but is particularly beneficial for those who may have difficulty getting up and down off the floor. Participates will learn many kinds of yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation and ways or relaxation, with the aid of a chair.

Prenatal Yoga

Feel nurtured as you are guided into gentle yoga poses designed to relieve aches and pains associated with pregnancy and to strengthen your body to support your growing belly and to prepare for labor and birth. You will also learn breathing techniques to support all stages of pregnancy, labor and birthing. Prenatal yoga allows you to nurture yourself, bond with your baby and connect with the other mamas on the same journey.

Baby and Me Yoga (BYOB) (newborn-crawling)

BYOBaby yoga invites baby and their care providers (mama, dad, grandparent, nanny, etc) to enjoy yoga together. You will be guided through positions to use on baby that are great for calming, digestion issues, and can promote better sleep. This yoga class is designed especially for baby to promote good neuro-muscular development and allow much needed bonding. Care provider will also receive a gentle yoga practice including meditation and postnatal strengthening to heal your body and spirit. Come join and connect with other mamas in your community. BYOBaby is appropriate for babies 6 weeks until crawling and active.

Tots Yoga and Movers & Shakers (crawling-3 years old)

Yoga is taught to these little movers & shakers children with games, stories, and songs. The adult stays and plays, and enjoy movements & yoga too.

Kids Yoga (best for ages 5-9)

This class is a fun way to exercise while learning to use breathing to relax and calm yourself. Your child will gain coordination, strength, flexibility, focus, and self esteem. With every activity being so competitive these days, this is the perfect way to keep your child active while taking a break from the pressure of a competition. Parents/guardians should feel free to stay in class to participate, observe or take a break to get some errands done. We can't wait to meet your children!

Tween Yoga (best for ages 10-12) and Teen Yoga (13+)

The nurturing and non- competitive atmosphere of a yoga class is perfect for pre-teens and teens as they navigate their way through adolescence. This class will uplift and empower your son or daughter while guiding him or her through yoga poses that will increase strength, flexibility, balance, and focus while encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Private yoga sessions are designed especially for you and your individual needs, whether it be to learn the basics, work on a therapeutic issue, because you don't care for a group class, or to help you take your practice to a more advanced level.
60 min private lessons are available : 1 for $80, 2 for $140, 3 for $180

semi-private and private, large- group lessons on location or at the studio are also available