Brighten your day at Toula Yoga Studio in Cedar Rapids, Iowa! Toula is a Greek word that means "divine light" and we would love to shed some light on yoga for you and help brighten your days. Whether you're looking for extra-gentle yoga, advanced or power- flow yoga, or something in between, you've come to the right place. We have the whole family in mind and offer quality yoga education for youth and adults. Our expert teachers will guide you in a light-hearted and uplifting way to a place of strength, flexibility and calm in mind, body and spirit. Everyone is welcome!

*Pre-registration required for all classes
*Social distancing
*Only 5-12 people per class
*Deep cleaning
*UVC light sterilization

Yoga For The Whole Family

Our intention at Toula Yoga studio is to offer quality yoga instruction for individuals of all ages and abilities and to help them develop strong, healthy bodies; calm, content minds; and receptive, open-hearted spirits which will help them become fully present in their lives and the world around them.

We would love to get to know you and have the chance to share with you what we've learned about yoga and its' benefits. We'll teach you natural stress and pain relief techniques in each class, using yoga poses and breath work, visualization and meditation. We want to guide you into the healthy habit of a regular yoga practice.

Come to class to connect back with yourself - and stay awhile after class to connect with others or to relax in our lounge and look through our little library of yoga books. We Toula Teachers are all personal testaments to the strength, balance, and personal peace yoga can bring to one's life. We'd love to show you how to find this in yours.

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