Introducing Our Newest Addition: A Spacious Infrared Heated Studio!

After 10 years of serving the Cedar Rapids area we have now added a spacious infared heated studio.

Infared is clean heating panels not heat running through ducts.
The benefits of infared heat are well documented and include detoxification, help with inflammation and circulation and so much more.

Warm Yoga classes:

Warm is 85-95 degrees

Lower humidity for a soothing heated experience 50-65 percent humidity

Hot yoga classes:

100-108 degrees

Styles of classes:

Hot 26 Inspired - A set sequence of 26 poses and two breath work practices
Set sequence are beneficial to see your progress over time and is a favorite for people who have anxiety because they know exactly what to expect

Power Yoga - a faster moving class dedicated to building strength and balance
The traditional ashtanga primary series influences the modern power yoga practice

Slow Flow - a slower moving class to explore each pose mindfully
Slowing down and holding poses allows you to explore the poses from the inside out building resilience and strength

Hot Stretch and Restore - A slow moving class that’s very meditative and great for a deeper stretch

More classes coming this fall!