May is National Osteoporosis Month

This workshop will teach us about prevention and management of this debilitating disease.

Osteoporosis affects women and men and sneaks up on us because the bone mass loss is so gradual.
Have you noticed your legs getting weaker and your walking more unsteady?
After the age of 50, people will typically have normal declines such in leg strength and bone strength by about one percent each year which can cause impaired balance and possible falls.
Decrease in bone strength can be more prominent in some more than others, termed osteoporosis. It is found in 200 million people world wide.

These age related changes put seniors at increased risk for fractures.

Participants will leave with an understanding of:
-How Osteoporosis is diagnosed
-Contraindicated positions, which may put one at risk for fractures
-The importance of posture and safe movement strategies on a healthy spine
-The goals of an osteoporosis exercise program, and
-The most effective bone building exercises based on current research
EMPOWER yourself by learning about osteoporosis, safe movement strategies, and effective exercises for a healthy spine by attending the workshop "Taking Control of Osteoporosis"