Prenatal Yoga Teacher Specialty Certification



Trainees learn to create a safe, professional, and sensitive environment for Prenatal students.
Trainees have direct experience of observing and shadowing a teacher in an established Prenatal class environment.
Trainees receive a thorough overview of what can be expected when working with the entire health education community with regards to pregnancy, labor, delivery, and recovery.

Graduates know the modifications, sequences, and needs of a pregnant student. They can deliver mindful, engaged cues for different stages of pregnancy.
Graduates have a deep knowledge of each Trimester of Pregnancy, understand the unique needs of pregnant students, and are able to adapt their teaching abilities to provide an educational, uplifting, and skillful Yoga session for their students.


What is Yoga - Yoga Philosophy/Lifestyle/Ethics (10 hrs)
Prenatal Yoga - Prenatal Yoga Education (3 hrs)
Healthy Pregnancy - Prenatal Yoga Education (3 hrs)
Pranayama & Meditation - Techniques, Training, Practice (8 hrs)
Psychology of Yoga & Nidra - Techniques, Training, Practice (3 hrs)
Reiki & Aromatherapy - Supplemental Training (8 hrs)
A Yogi's Approach to Pregnancy & Childbirth - Prenatal Yoga Education (5 hrs)
Asana By Trimester: One - Techniques, Training, Practice (5 hrs)
Asana By Trimester: Two - Techniques, Training, Practice (5 hrs)
Asana By Trimester: Three - Techniques, Training, Practice (5 hrs)
Class Observation - Practicum (10 hrs)
Anatomy of Pregnancy - Anatomy & Physiology (5 hrs)
Anatomy of Delivery & Recovery - Anatomy & Physiology (5 hrs)
Sequencing, Cuing, and Structuring Classes - Teaching Methodology (8 hrs)
Teaching Pre/Post Natal Classes - Practicum (12 hrs)
Ayurveda - Yoga Philosophy/Lifestyle/Ethics (5 hrs)
Chakras & The Energy Body - Anatomy & Physiology (3 hrs)
Professional Guidelines for Yoga Teachers - Teaching Methodology (3 hrs)
Hatha Yoga Techniques - Techniques, Training, Practice (10 hrs)
With over 100 hours of Training Workshops, Classes, and Lectures - as well as direct classroom experience - you will receive the best possible education to be an informed, sensitive, and well-rounded Pre/Post Natal Yoga Teacher.

Why Prenatal Yoga?

To meet and bond with other pregnant women
To ease breathing during pregnancy
To relax moodiness and balance emotions
To keep muscles strong and supple
To ease tension
To prepare for the new life of being a parent
To help tune into the body's unique needs
To help prepare for labor and delivery
To keep mom and baby healthy post-partum
To have more energy
To improve posture

"Every woman is her own midwife." - Jannine Parvati Baker

Aside from the hundreds of books on pregnancy, a woman's intuition is the most important guidepost for all decisions. It is most important that a Mother is:

  • Healthy
  • Well fed
  • Relaxed
  • Supported
  • Smiling
  • Mobile/Exercising
  • Sleeping Well Enough
  • Enjoying a Secure Home & Workplace Environment
  • Taking Supplements and Vitamins


Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful by Gurmukh

The Fourth Trimester by Kimberly Ann Johnson


Your Best Pregnancy Ever by Jen Torborg

Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Livesby Deepak Chopra


We accept students throughout the year and have an on-going registration.

Our Focus

We create classes that are adapted for each Trimester of pregnancy. Each individual student can receive special attention, whether in a regular Yoga class or Prenatal specific class. Trainers have direct experience of Yoga and Birth - because they have had a yogic pregnancy and/or because they have extensive study and training in the subject.

Students learn the background of Yogic philosophical themes for the foundation of teaching classes. Noted are the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, The Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, and the Bhagavad Gita - all significant sacred texts on the ancient teachings of Yoga. Asana (posture) training is an integrative part of the entirety of the practice and focus is given to adapting asana practice to pre/post natal bodies.

Trainees study and apply Yogi Nutrition and Health, guided by professional Ayurvedic practitioners, experts, clinicians, midwives, and birth coaches/doulas. There's significant time given to specific pranayama and meditation techniques for pregnancy based on the Hatha and Kundalini Yoga traditions. Anatomy and physiology of both Pregnancy and Delivery/Recovery provide our students with the understanding of these structural changes and identify various stages a student may be experiencing. Care us given to respond to each transitional stage with needed modifications.

Yoga affects our brains, emotions, and bodily functions. Various practices of Restorative, Gentle, and Yoga Nidra are applied during each class sequence. We bring in the supplemental trainings of Reiki Healing and Aromatherapy to round out a full class journey. All Prenatal Yoga Class sessions can be created and adapted for private students or a group class structure. Time is allotted to the study of neuroscience, somatic re-education, and the vast field of Mind-Body awareness - specifically related to the Chakra System.

Finally, it is the connection, belonging, and relationships established that can really make a person feel supported and at ease in the world. All human beings need to be reminded and tuned to the power of Yogic wisdom. We train our trainers and students to apply these rich teachings directly into their lives. We enhance student knowledge by learning special methodologies in NVC (Non-violent Communication), setting healthy boundaries, and professional conduct.

TUITION: $1595

Classes will be online & in- person for a few local students (masked and physically distanced) at Toula Family Yoga in Cedar Rapids, Iowa



  • Fridays 5:00pm CST - 8:00pm CST
  • Saturdays 9am CST- 5pm CST
  • Sundays 9am CST - 5pm CST (lunch break about 1 pm on Sat & Sun)

2022 Class Days

  • August 26, 27, 28
  • September 23, 24, 25
  • October 21, 22,23
  • November 18,19,20
  • Price - $1595 (in person) - $400 non refundable deposit. 

    *If you need a payment plan - $400 non refundable deposit (then $425 due at the beginning of Sept, Oct, Nov weekends)August 10th deadline for registrations.

    Contact trainers Andrea Franz Parks or Tammy Bayer at