Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga

with Andra Dill

Join Andra for 60 minutes of Ahhh! Through passive poses Yin yoga stretches and targets both the deep connective tissues between the muscles, and the fascia throughout the body. Poses, with the aid of props, are held for 1-3 minutes to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility.

Offered the second Saturday of the month 2:00 - 3:00pm

Cost: $15 pre-pay/register

Email, call, or text to save your spot: 319-721-0368,

Valentine's Partner Workshop

Valentine's Partner Workshop

with Andrea Parks & Lucy Cao

We are pleased to lead you in wonderful evening of pure JOY! Want to find that loving & respectful connection through touch with your partner, best friend, son or daughter. A vinyasa style, partner sequence is the perfect medicine for adding laughter & bonding to your evening. Partner not required, come as you are or invite your loved one to join for an added discount. Wine will be served afterwards.

Friday, February 15th, 6:30-7:45pm

Cost: $30 per person or $50 per couple. Pre-Pay/Register

Relax & Renew, Restorative Yoga

90 Minutes of CALM. Elleni Heurter leads this restorative yoga class designed to calm your nervous system. This is a must for the person struggling to balance their life and a treat for those who want to just relax and renew.

Offered the last Sunday of the month 4:00pm - 5:30pm.

Cost: $25 pre-pay/register, limited to 8 spots for personal attention

Ashtanga 10-Day Challenge

Ashtanga Yoga is the most practiced style of yoga around the world. It serves as somewhat of an international language in the yoga community- walk into any Ashtanga studio worldwide, and you will all be practicing the same sequence. This challenge is intended to INSPIRE you with an approach that establishes the first building blocks of establishing this dynamic and progressive sequence. The poses with be adjusted to fit the practitioner rather than students trying to mold themselves to look "like the picture."

This practice is intended to be for everyone- as you are, exactly in this moment. There are modifications, during these two weeks will give you time to digest the practice to learn these techniques for personalizing the poses to your needs.

February 18-March 1 & March 3-15. (weekends off) There are two sessions to choose from: 6-715am, or 1-215pm.

Cost $135 pre-pay/register

Knee Rehab & Wellness

Knee Rehab & Wellness

with Mindy Sisco

Knee Program | Session 1
This series is for those who are looking for insight in addressing discomfort with knee pain and tight hips. How much do we know about how we hurt? Why? This series is where we give intelligence to action. We ask. We explore. We rebuild. There is no magic cure in addressing what hurts, but we are dedicating these few pressure hours to listening in to what our bodies and minds are trying to tell us.

Yoga for Rehab + Wellness | Session 2
This immersion is for students looking for techniques to alleviate discomfort. This is also for yoga teachers, coaches, and personal trainers looking for skills to better understand your students’ experience and techniques that make the practice/these movements more accessible and more purposeful.

You will develop great insight in exploring your movement pattern and learning techniques for everyday that are beneficial on their own or in conjunction with your favorite activities. I HIGHLY encourage those with a passion for running, biking, who work in occupations with a lot of standing or walking. Additionally, this will be very insightful for those with ACL reconstructions or hip replacements.

These techniques were part of my problem solving process handling my own physical therapy after my ACL reconstruction with a graft taken from my hamstring muscle.

Session 1 | Tuesday, February 19-Mar 1, 2019; 530-645pm | $135
Session 2 | Tuesday, March 5-15, 2019, 530-645pm | $135
Full Program (both sessions) | $250 including a specialize [ KneEase ] personal knee support useful in these exercises at the studio and at home and a program manual with photos and descriptions of the sequence being used in class (save $55).

These classes are less than a co-pay and will help build a better you for the long run. Please contact Mindy with any questions and I look forward to all of the possibilities that await on the other side of pain.