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Elucidate Retreat! A Caribbean Yoga Retreat February 2019 - Tulum, MX



February 1-7th 2019

Elucidate Retreat!
Join us for our fourth annual retreat to the magical town of Tulum, Mexico, part of Rivera Maya on the Caribbean Sea.
single: $2200, double: $1900, GLAMP-ing is also be available for four lucky participants upon request
PAY $700 non- refundable DEPOSIT DUE DECEMBER 1st 2018, must be paid in full by January 9th , flight is separate. To have more details sent to you please contact us at

Please send checks to Toula Yoga, 2720 1st Ave. NE #108, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Radiance Retreat! Pylos Greece, October 2019

Registration Opens January 2019

Registration Opens January 2019

Restorative Yoga

Is all yoga restorative? I’ve been told yes, but I’ve never felt anything like Relax and Renew yoga before and I’ve been doing yoga for 15 years. Relax and Renew makes me feel like I’ve had a massage, or even a weekend health retreat. My body and my mind are completely relaxed after class. Now I must say this transformation does not happen for me right away. It takes me about 20 minutes to settle down and to tune in. How lucky are we to have Elleni, who was trained by the founder of Relax and Renew, Judith Lasiter, offering these classes at our studio? Toula Yoga studio is home to this deep relaxation class the last Sunday of each month from 4:00pm to 5:30pm. The cost is $25 which is much less expensive that a 90 minute massage or weekend health retreat. You should still get massages and retreat also. They also have amazing health benefits! So, is all yoga restorative? Maybe, as long as you find that place of peace during class where you don’t stress about getting each pose perfect and you make sure not to push yourself too fa,r too fast. But for a truly, and guaranteed restorative yoga class that can help balance your hormone levels, can bring down blood pressure and heart rate, and calm anxiety, you should try Relax and Renew Yoga at Toula Yoga in Cedar Rapids. You will be thrilled that you did. Ahhhhh! Feel the relief!

Weather Related Cancellations for Toula Yoga classes

We will let you know if classes are canceled on the bottom of the first page of our website.

We have our eye on Monday, January 5th 2015!

Note that we will provide a make-up class or give students a credit for classes missed because of cancellations.

Stay safe out there!

Holiday Stress Relief Yoga

Winter Solstice, the darkest night of the year, and a new moon tonight makes it even darker. I embrace the dark because it helps me to appreciate the light. Starting tomorrow it will become lighter and lighter every day. The next two weeks Toula Yoga Studio will offer special holiday stress relief classes instead of the weekly classes. The teachers at Toula have worked hard to prepare these special classes for you and they are ready to add more and more light to your life with their time and talents. There is PiYo with Darcey, Holiday Stress Relief concentrating on hips and shoulders with Andra, a restorative Relax & Renew class with Elleni. Gentle Yoga with Betsy and Candle light slow Flow with Sarah will allow us the unwinding we need this time of the year. Nancy will lead an empowering handstand workshop and Maria will have us twisting out all our toxins in a Strong, Power Yoga detox class at the beginning of the New Year. I am forever grateful for all of my yoga teachers who taught me how to find my inner light and taught me how to access it when I need to make my own sunshine. Toula means light. Our studio has full spectrum light bulbs which mimic natural sunlight. Full spectrum lights have the potential benefit of warding off S.A.D. If you are feeling your dark to light balance is off please come to one of our workshops or to our weekly classes starting January 5th. You will be lit up from the inside out!

Please go to our schedule page of for more information on these classes.

CR Gazette Article featuring Toula

Kids love yoga!

Yoga is fun and kids love it!

It’s a time to be active without having to “win” something. The non-competitive nature of yoga is a wonderful break for our youth.

As a school teacher, when I first started teaching kids yoga classes, I was ready with all my classroom management tools, ready to pull out a the first sign of chaos.

But guess what, I have never had to use these tools!

The kids are so busy concentrating on building the yoga postures they don’t have time to act out and when it’s savasana time (deep relaxation at the end of class) they are completely still and seem very happy to have permission to rest.

Yoga kids are so lucky! I wish so much that I had started yoga much earlier in life. These kids get to learn inner awareness which leads to calming and centering and empowerment that they can use all their lives and which can help them make smarter choices in life.

Kids can reap the benefits of yoga while having fun. They might not understand how powerful the skills they are learning in yoga are right now, but they will thank you for them later.


We love brand new beginners!

Our grand opening session at Toula Yoga starts April 7th 2014
If you’ve ever thought about trying a yoga class this is the time you should start.
We have grand opening special pricing and there will be tons of people joining our classes who have
little experience or no experience in yoga. (join us in a 6 week session by March 23, 2014 and you’ll get your next six week session for half price.
You could use that discount for another time slot in the first same 6 weeks.
Whether you are looking for stress relief or just want to gain more ,physical strength and balance, you should
join us at Toula Yoga in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We would love to meet you!

The Word “Toula”

Toula is a proper name in the Greek language. From what I understand it can also be added at the end of Greek names as a term of endearment.

The word Toula means “light” or “divine light”.

I believe we all have this internal wisdom, intuition, gut feeling or we can call it a “light” guiding us, like an arrow, pointing us in the right direction.

This light can sometimes get dimmed by circumstances of life.

We can get confused when fears, doubts, and negative thoughts start creeping into our minds.

Our light becomes harder to see.

This can lead us down the wrong path and cause us to make poor decisions.

It helps to dust off our light, re-connect with it, and then follow it again.

When we are balanced and feel connected we make better choices.

Doing yoga has helped me with this.

Doing yoga has definitely brightened my “light”and life.

That’s why the name Toula is perfect for this new studio. It is a place where you can find the balance and brightness for your life, mind, body and spirit – one yoga pose at a time.