CR Gazette Article featuring Toula

by Andrea | 06/05/2014

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Allow Abundance

Abundance is available to everyone. It’s not something to seek, rather it’s something to soften into and allow. There is enough for everyone. Whether you tend to see things half full or half empty; we challenge you to “zoom out”, think bigger, and notice that sitting right next to your glass is a full pitcher

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Kids Love Yoga

Yoga is fun and kids love it! It’s a time to be active without having to “win” something. The non-competitive nature of yoga is a wonderful break for our youth. As a school teacher, when I first started teaching kids yoga classes, I was ready with all my classroom management tools, ready to pull out

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We Love Brand New Beginners

Our grand opening session at Toula Yoga starts April 7th 2014 If you’ve ever thought about trying a yoga class this is the time you should start. We have grand opening special pricing and there will be tons of people joining our classes who have little experience or no experience in yoga. (join us in

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The Word “Toula”

Toula is a proper name in the Greek language. From what I understand it can also be added at the end of Greek names as a term of endearment. The word Toula means “light” or “divine light”. I believe we all have this internal wisdom, intuition, gut feeling or we can call it a “light”

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