Kids Love Yoga

Yoga is fun and kids love it!

It’s a time to be active without having to “win” something. The non-competitive nature of yoga is a wonderful break for our youth.

As a school teacher, when I first started teaching kids yoga classes, I was ready with all my classroom management tools, ready to pull out a the first sign of chaos.

But guess what, I have never had to use these tools!

The kids are so busy concentrating on building the yoga postures they don’t have time to act out and when it’s savasana time (deep relaxation at the end of class) they are completely still and seem very happy to have permission to rest.

Yoga kids are so lucky! I wish so much that I had started yoga much earlier in life. These kids get to learn inner awareness which leads to calming and centering and empowerment that they can use all their lives and which can help them make smarter choices in life.

Kids can reap the benefits of yoga while having fun. They might not understand how powerful the skills they are learning in yoga are right now, but they will thank you for them later.